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Iron & Thyme is an integrative health clinic in North Fremantle offering modalities such as naturopathy, counselling and coaching in order to help you better understand your unique situation and how you might work with it to develop further. 


We offer general checkups, advice and support, as well as a place to come if you have ongoing or more sudden issues. At all times we see you as being in the driver’s seat of your own journey; we are here to help you move forward in the most sustainable, and Self-directed way possible. John can draw from a wide range of approaches during your consults, and may offer natural remedy support, diet and lifestyle advice, art therapies, nursing therapies, narrative and conversational support, creative writing therapy, book therapy, journal therapy, healing poetics, counselling, coaching, meditative exercises and more. 

At Iron & Thyme we strive to use a language that you can understand in order that you are better equipped to deal with whatever situation you might be facing. We also strive to help you understand your situation in the context of your life as a whole - both in terms of all your activity today, but also your biography and how it has unfolded so far.


 We are happy to work with other people who you feel are connected to your particular situation, including family, friends and colleagues. We see health and personal development as a creative process guided by you, the artist.

We work with a strong referral network of likeminded practitioners such as GPs, chiropractors, nurses, massage therapists, art therapists, naturopaths, herbalists, nutritionists, councellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, adult educators, farmers and more. We are very happy and willing to work with these specialists as necessary if it is of benefit to you and your situation.


If treatment with substances would help, we will use only the highest quality biodynamic and organic therapeutic products and remedies. We partner with licensed pharmacists in Tasmania and New Zealand.

As you can see in the bookings section, we invite you to conisder the pricing amount as gift money. All gift money goes towards Iron & Thyme being able to meet its needs so that we can go on gifting our work to you and to others in the future (more information on this under pricing). We accept all the usual forms of money; Hicaps for health insurance funds is also possible, depending on your level of cover.

Our vision is to support the Self-development of all Western Australians through health and personal development, in order that this place can develop, grow more healthy and, through this, offer its many gifts to the world at large. This can be likened to the effect of the many unique drops of the medicinal remedies we use to help bring health and development to the organism as a whole

We very much welcome you to Iron & Thyme and hope that you will be willing to let us support you on your journey. For bookings, please return to the homepage. House calls are possible, as are consultations via Skype or telephone. Walk-ins are also welcome at our clinic in Fremantle if there is space available.

If we can be of service, then we hope to see you soon!


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