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Health insurance

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* All amounts listed in the bookings section on the homepage are seen as gift money towards Iron & Thyme being able to meet its needs in order that it can go on gifting its services to all who may require them. If you can afford to give more, we invite you to consider doing so. If you cannot afford the amount listed, then we can discuss this and find an agreed amount that works for both of us.


In addition to individual health, Iron & Thyme is also concerned with social health. As such we are attempting to work with money in new and healthy ways. We don’t see creative capacities (including healing capacities) as commodities to be bought and sold. Rather, we see them as gifts to be given freely to whoever may require them. At the same time, cultural creatives require money in order that they can meet their needs while they go on gifting their services to the community. In this way we see money as flowing selflessly and benevolently - as healthy blood flows - throughout the social organism.


In order that we can meet our needs, therefore, and go on gifting our services to others in the future in accordance with our vision, we request an amount from you at the time of our consult. This is the amount listed in the bookings section of the homepage. This amount has been determined by the running costs of Iron & Thyme. Our invitation to you is that you see this amount not as purchase money but as gift money, in the spirit mentioned above.

Hicaps and health insurance fund rebates are available, depending on your level of health insurance.


'Give it forward' possibilities exist if you wish to gift a service or consult to others, or to yourself at a future date.

Monthly or annual individualised treatment and remedy packages, as well as family packages, give access to all Iron & Thyme services on an agreed-amount basis. This amount would also be treated as gift money.

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