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Physical Problems

Overcoming Nervousness

Greater Courage

Mental & Emotional Issues

Never Having Enough Time

Overcoming Doubt/Judgement


What is my Life Purpose?


Sleep Support

Enhancing Creativity

Side-Effects from Medicines

Enhancing Focus

Relationship Support

Everything has to be Perfect

Sensitivity Support

What Work is Right For Me?

Feeling Alone

Anger Support

I Don't Know What I Want

I Don't Know What's Wrong

Countering Fear

Healthy Use of Technology

Why Am I Here?


Grief and Loss

Why Get Out of Bed?

Why Go On?

Family Issues

I Can't See a Way Forward

Never Having Enough Money

I Just Want to Be Elsewhere

Something Bad Has Happened

Feeling Guilty

Feeling Anxiety

I Want to be My Best Self

Our approach is not to fix issues for you, but to help you to overcome them and move forward in the most sustainable, and Self-directed way possible. John can draw from a wide range of approaches during your consults, and may offer natural remedy support, diet and lifestyle advice, art therapies, nursing therapies, narrative and conversational support, creative writing therapy, book therapy, journal therapy, healing poetics, counselling, meditative exercises and more. 

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